Monday, January 21, 2019

Keep Offensive Litter Odors From Your Home

    I love my grand cat. She is purrfect! What I don't love is offensive litter odors. And let me tell you, I have a super sense of smell. So in this home, not just any kitty litter will do.

Keep Offensive Litter Odors From Your Home

    If you're like me and have super smell, or you don't want to chance guests smelling the cat box, then you need to check out Tidy Cats. Their Tough Odor Solutions Glade Winter Pine Litter is the bomb! First of all, its from Tidy Cat, which is the only litter my parents ever used for their cats. Secondly, this litter has the power of Glade! The gentle Winter Pine scent is woodsy and wonderful.

Absorbs Ammonia Odors

    This litter doesn't just smell good, but it's designed to absorb the ammonia from your cats urine (which is the source from the offensive litter stink.) Their TidyLock protection not only absorbs that smell, but locks it away to keep it from leaking out into your home. It also locks in moisture so your precious fur babies aren't stepping into their own urine.

Clumping for Easy Clean Up

    I love that this Tidy Cat litter clumps. It makes it much easier for Liam to clean out the litter plan. His chore is to scoop the pan daily, and the clumps make it easier for him to do that job. Plus, it saves me from having to smell that dirty litter. is the Bomb!

    We get supplies for our pets from every month. Their prices are awesome, and their customer service is wonderful! With a full selection for cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, and so much more, you will find something for every pet! They even have an auto ship plan that saves you even more money! 

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