Saturday, December 8, 2018

It's a HOWLiday PAWty

    Our fur girls are an integral part of our family. Which is why we make sure their HOWLiday is special too! Josie's birthday just happens to fall in December too so there's always a PAWty in the Barnum house!

It's a HOWLiday PAWty

    Our old girl actually turned eight today! I can't believe my sweet fur baby is that old. Later today she will have her special party (or pawty as we call it,) with her sister Bayleigh, and her feline niece Clara. Her gift came just in time yesterday and she's already been pawing at the Chewy box. (Bayleigh has as well!)

Josie, (2010) two days old. The day Liam picked her out and she got her name.

    Since it's a party, there will be special goodies for all of them! They will be having fresh cooked chicken breast and sweet potatoes (their favorite!) The beverage of choice happens to be some Pumpkin Spice Latte (we talk about that here.) Both our canine girls and our feline granddaughter will enjoy these goodies! Let the celebration begin! (When Josie decides to get out of bed that is.)

2011 Josie's first birthday and Christmas pic

The Gift

    We chose Blue Buffalo Blue Bits for her. They are soft and delectable treats, made from real USA beef. Perfect for puppies, or older babies that don't chew as well. It seems that as Josie gets older, she feels that chewing takes up too much time. So these treats are the perfect gift for her.

Beef is Number One

    The number one ingredient that is. USA deboned beef is the very first item listed on these treats. Followed by brown rice, oatmeal, maple syrup and more. No fillers. No by products. As well as no artificial colors or flavors, just good stuff that your canine pal will love. But what more can you expect from Blue Buffalo? My girls love every treat they have tried from them, and as a pet mom, I trust their ingredients.

    So whether you're hosting a birthday pawty, or a howliday one, head to They have a wide selection of everything you need for any pet that you love. We don't shop anywhere else! 

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