Thursday, December 27, 2018

Holiday Fun with Goliath Games and Pressman Toys

Liam got a special delivery on Christmas Eve. A GINORMOUS box, chock full of fun from Goliath Games and Pressman Toys. Let me just say, our first Christmas in our new home was a blast!

Holiday Fun with Goliath Games and Pressman Toys

    We have a long standing tradition in our family, which is to spice up Christmas Eve by playing games. It's something we have done since I was a teenager living at home. Then when we started to host Christmas Eve, we carried that on and did it at our house. Just because we moved a few states away from family earlier this fall, didn't mean that that tradition had to end. Our night was still filled with love, tons of laughter, and even a few wet faces! Let me explain! 

Hydro Strike Win or Get Wet

    Let me just say that my ribs still hurt from laughing! This game was so much fun! Remember pinball games? Well Pressman Toys took the fun of pinball and added an element of surprise. Water! In Hydro Strike, players compete to hit their opponents target five times to win. Each time you hit their target, your opponent gets a squirt of water in their face. It's hysterical. First Liam and I played it, then my hubby jumped in with me. It was so satisfying watching that stream of water hit Pat in the face. However, while I was laughing, he would score and then spray me in the face. 

Googly Eyes

    One of Liam's favorite holiday games was always the drawing game we played as a family. Well Goliath Games put a new spin on it with Googly Eyes. This drawing game has the coolest "googly eye" goggles that the person drawing has to wear. It makes it so you can't really see what you're drawing. Which makes the game so much funnier. It comes with three different lenses. You roll the dice, and move your piece on the game board. Where you land will tell you which lenses to put into your goggles. Then pick a card, and get drawing!

Stuff Happens....So Make the Best of It

    Let's face it, Stuff Happens. We either cry about it, or have a good chuckle. In this new card game Stuff Happens, players read hysterical cards of bad stuff that happens. Read the cards, and guess which card is worse than the other. Then rate it on the Misery Index. If you guess correctly ten times, you win! This laugh a minute game is PG-13 friendly, so the older kids and adults are going to love it! 

Mastermind - The Game of Coding and Guessing

    Mastermind Remastered is the game of coding and guessing. First, the Codemaker creates a code that they think can't be broken in ten moves or less. Then the Codebreaker tries to break said code in ten or fewer moves. Can you do it? Grab the game and find out.

These are just a handful of amazing games from Goliath Games and Pressman Toys. You need to head to their website to see them all.

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