Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Give the Gift of Comfort This Holiday Season

    A great majority of people are on their feet either all day, or at the very least, a great majority of it. So why not give a loved one the gift of comfort this holiday season?

Give the Gift of Comfort This Holiday Season

    We don't often have a choice about being on our feet all day. That leads to sore feet, and can then radiate to pain the legs or even the back. Having good shoes can help, but adding some insoles to those shoes can help even more. Which is where ERGOfoot comes in. They have the most amazing Massaging Gel Insoles. They're sure to put a smile on your loved ones face this holiday!

Massaging Gel Insoles

    I love my pair of Massaging Gel Insoles so much that I actually ordered a pair to give to my husband this Christmas. These insoles make my shoes so much more comfy, and they really help to alleviate some of my lower back pain. The gel absorbs the shock or walking (or running when I have to chase my German Shepherd down.) That same gel works to absorbs the shock when you apply pressure by walking or running. This in turn helps to keep that stress off your other joints. All of that shock can make your muscles fatigued, and leads to your pain. 

Perfect for Everyone 

    ERGOfoot Massaging Gel Insoles make the perfect gift. They come in one size fits all for both men and women. Each insole has a custom guide, so you can trim the insole to the size of your shoes. I was quickly able to cut my insoles to fit into my shoes. I use them in my Converse. I have always been a huge fan of the original Chuck Taylor sneakers. However, these shoes are virtually flat footed. The older I get, the harder that is on my body. Now with my ERGOfoot Massaging Gel Insoles, they are my most comfortable pair of shoes!

    This holiday season grab a pair of these insoles for someone on your holiday gift list. While you're at it, you may want to get yourself a pair too. Trust me, they're awesome!

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