Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Building Toys Just Became Better!

    Move over traditional building bricks! Building toys just became better! Flexo sets take creating something to a whole new level.

Building Toys Just Became Better!

    When I first stumbled upon Flexo Building Sets, I was immediately intrigued. They're much like traditional bricks, but better. Flexo creations can bend and move, in a way the other bricks can't. They're the world's only bendable bricks! Taking rigid construction bricks and adding flexible tendons, Flexo toys are movable, bendable, and hours of fun!

    Flexo creations even float in water, so once built, they double as a fun tub or pool toy. That was a huge selling point for me because Liam has always wanted to take toys into the bathtub, and most aren't made for that. However these are. So your children can have hours of fun.

Build Fine Motor Skills and More

    As a special needs mom, I have always looked for toys that can double as therapy for my son. If I can take something fun, and use it to help build skills he is lacking, then that is a win win for both of us. Flexo Building Sets do just that. Kids work on their fine motor skills while building and manipulating the bricks. They're so busy having fun, they don't realize that they're working on important skills. You can even use the sets to expand on their color and shape recognition as well. Educational enjoyment is truly the best kind.

    Liam got the Crab set from Flexo and I can't wait to sit down and build it with him. It's a great way to spend some quality time together, and have a blast too.

Take Your Creations to a Digital Level

    With Flexo Building Sets, you can take your creation to a digital level. Just download their free Flexo AR app on Google Play and iTunes. Build your Flexo creation, and after you download the app, scan it over your creature or creation, and watch it come to life.  

Works With Other Bricks

    Flexo Building Sets work with traditional brick sets. Therefore you can make those boring sets, even more fun. Seamlessly connect Flexo with other blocks, and let your creativity take hold. Imagine the things you and your children can create together?! 

There's still time to get your Flexo Building Sets before the holidays. 

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