Tuesday, November 6, 2018

There's SNOW Time for Cold Feet

    Whether you like it or not, winter is on it's way. For many of us, that means snow is coming as well. When the weather turns, there's SNOW time for cold feet. Which is why winter snow boots are a must have if you live where the wind blows, and the white stuff falls!

There's SNOW Time for Cold Feet

    I don't hate snow. To me, the first snow fall is always dreamy and romantic. I love to take Liam out and ride sleds down the hill. But that's it. After that, I want it gone. But no matter how you feel about that white, cold stuff, if you live where it falls, then you need snow boots. I just got Liam this pair of Gubarun Snow Boots. Their super warm and he loves the camo coloring on them.

Gubarun Snow Boots

     This pair of boots is so comfy. The inside is plush and covered with a faux fur lining. This keeps toes and feet toasty warm! The outside of the boots is waterproof, so not only will feet be warm, but they'll be dry too! As a mom, I'm a fan of the tread. I don't want my son slipping on icy and snowy surfaces. So I was impressed with the nice traction that the tread on these boots provides. They also have hook and look closures, so there's no need for tying. This was huge for us because even though Liam can tie shoes, he struggles with it due to his fine motor skills.

    I'm lucky enough to have small feet. Which means I can fit into Liam's pair of Gubarun boots too. I tried them on and they are so soft and squishy on my feet. I love them so much that I think I will have to get myself a pair. Even though we moved South, we will still get some snow, so I'm going to want a warmer pair of boots for the winter.

    Speaking of sizes, these boots come in a wide range of sizes. You can find them for toddlers, little kids, and big kids too! (As well as moms with small feet!) There is also a bunch of other camo colors to choose from too. With winter right around the corner, grab a pair for all of your kids! You won't be disappointed!

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