Friday, November 30, 2018

Get Your Game on This Holiday Season

    To me the best part of the holidays is spending time with friends and family. Let's step it up a notch and make it more fun! It's time to get your game on this holiday season.

Get Your Game on This Holiday Season

    When we lived back in Pennsylvania, we always hosted Christmas Eve. The night was full of savory and sweet treats, laughs, and love. Liam and I always had games at the ready to make the evening more memorable, and let me tell you, it did! Some of our best family memories were made right there, in that tiny living room.

    We won't be going home this holiday, so we're creating new memories and fun to go with our new home. We just got two board games from Rooster Fin Games. However, we couldn't wait until Christmas Eve to try them out. And when you see them, you're going to want to get in on these too!

Ninja Squirrels

    There's a good reason this fast paced family board game has won so many awards. That's because it's so much fun to play! Ninja Squirrels are fighters. Fast food fighters that is! In this game, players battle over being the first to collect their color of acorns and fill their dens for winter. 

    The game says for seven and up, but if younger kids know their colors (and won't put the acorns in their mouth,) then they could certainly join in! As a mom, I love how this game isn't just a blast to play, but it's a great way for players to work on their fine motor skills. Even better, kids think they're just playing, and don't realize that they're working on those skills. 

Rooster Race

    Rooster Race is another engaging and enjoyable game from Rooster Fin. In this game, players race to be the winner with the most corn, by guessing if they card they draw will be higher or lower than the face up card. If the player guesses correctly, they get an ear of corn. Guess wrong, and lose an ear. (If kids can count to fifteen, then they too can play!) When all cards are played, the person with the most ears of corn is the winner!

    Again, this game isn't just a blast to play, but it helps kids to work on fine motor skills, as well as number recognition. In my opinion, this makes these titles from Rooster Fin not just a perfect gift for families, but for classrooms too! I can see them being utilized in libraries, child care centers, therapy clinics, and so much more. So gather your family and friends, and make some memories! 

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