Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Fresh Breath in Time for the Holidays

    Fresh breath is important, even for our fur babies. If you dog's breath is horrific there's no need to worry! You still have plenty of time to get their mouths clean and fresh before your holiday guests start arriving!

Bayleigh is feeling festive already!

Fresh Breath in Time for the Holidays

    The holiday season is upon us. Turkey Day is just ten days away! Santa told me there are only forty two sleeps until his arrival. All of this means that for many of us, family and friends will be visiting. That also means your pets will be kissing the loved ones. You don't want them to have bad breath. So get them some Whimzees!

The Thirty Day Challenge

    We recently took part in the Whimzees Thirty Day Challenge with Chewy.com. This challenge is simple. Simply grab a thirty day supply from Chewy and treat your furry bff to one Whimzee per day. Honestly, after the first treat, you will notice a difference in their breath.

    That's because Whimzees aren't just a tasty snack. They're also yummy toothbrushes for dogs. While your canine bestie is chewing on their Whimzee, the treat is working to scrape unsightly and smelly tartar and plaque from their teeth. This nasty stuff is what makes their breath so foul. So, if they eat a Whimzee each day, their teeth are getting brushed. Wiping away all of that smelly gunk! 

Don't let Josie's stank face fool you! Her breath is super fresh!

They Don't Just Taste Good 

    That's because Whimzees are good for our fur babies too. They're made with limited ingredients, and the ones they do use are the best. These treats are gluten and grain free, as well as artificial color and flavor free. Oh and they're made using non GMO ingredients. We all want what is best for our children, even our furry ones!

So don't wait! The countdown in on! Head to Chewy.com and grab a 30 day supply of Whimzees. Your dog will love you for it, as will your holiday guests!

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