Thursday, November 29, 2018

Boughs, Baubles, and Bubbles!

The holiday season is in full swing! Between Liam's lessons we're decorating and crafting Christmas decor for our new home! Yesterday we took some faux boughs, baubles, and the coolest light set to create a table centerpiece. We thought we'd share it with you all!

Boughs, Baubles, and Bubbles

    Since buying our new home, I've realized that I don't have as much Christmas decor as I'd like. I always get stuff on clearance after the holidays, or pick it up at yard sales and flea markets in the warmer months. However, I stumbled upon this set of  Voneta Globe Lights white perusing Amazon, and I knew I had to have them.

    They look like little hand blown glass balls, but instead they're made of sturdy and safe acrylic. Each "bubble" has little bubbles inside them, which makes them look just like hand blown glass. So you get the beauty of glass, but the safety of plastic. Oh, and they are battery operated so you can use them anywhere in your home. (This came in handy for me because our home was built in 1910, and when the electricity was upgraded, they only put two outlets in each room.) You can set them to steady on, or flashing too! There is forty bulbs and the strands are clear so no matter where you place them, the cord won't stand out and be gaudy. (You can use them to light up any holiday, weddings, or even your outdoor entertaining area.)

Let's Get Crafty!

    Last year after the holidays, I got a set of shatterproof bulbs. I wanted blues and greens, but the only set they had with those colors also had pink bulbs. (I love pink, but my color scheme for our living room is blues and greens.) I grabbed them figuring I would just put the pinks aside. However, after decorating our tree, Liam decided that those pink baubles were "lonely," so we decided to make something with them. When my Voneta Globe Lights came in, I knew just what to do! Make a centerpiece for our dining room table!

    I had this gorgeous rattan basket that was left for me by the previous owners, and I have been wanting to make a nice centerpiece with it. So Liam grabbed the lonely pink balls, and some faux boughs, while I gathered up my new lights and the basket.

    Liam placed the bough garland all around the basket, and I then weaved in the gorgeous lights. To be honest, I wanted to leave it like that. But....we had lonely pink ornaments that needed a purpose! So he took the reins and placed them all in the basket. Then we chose two of vintage ornaments that had a bit of the same color in them and added them in. (I adore vintage baubles, and between yard sales and flea markets, I will keep collecting!) It turned out really pretty, and Liam was thrilled. To me the best part is that this centerpiece cost me under 15 bucks! You can't beat that. So grab some of these globe lights, and and get creating!

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