Monday, November 19, 2018

A Christmas Cards Means the World to a Soldier

    You may not realize the power of a Christmas or Holiday card. However, if you've ever been away from your family for the holidays, you may know how much it can mean.

A Christmas Card Means the World to a Soldier

    I start watching Hallmark Christmas movies the morning after Halloween. They fill me with happiness, love, and hope. You see to me, Christmas is a feeling. People tend to be happier, kinder, and just full of love, especially this time of the year. One of mine and Liam's favorite movies is The Christmas Card.

    In case you haven't seen it, Faith sends cards to soldiers every holiday season. Her card touches one soldier so much, that when he's placed on medical leave, he goes to that town. I'm not going to tell you the rest, so you'll have to watch it to see what happens. However, my point is that soldiers really do love to get cards and letters of love and encouragement. Especially for the holidays. So why not make them feel loved and thanked from across the miles?

You Will Need Some Note Cards

    To get started, you will need some holiday (or any cards.) I chose these ones from Amazon. I picked them because I loved the whimsical images, and also because the inside of the cards are completely blank. That leaves you and your children plenty of room to write kind words and thoughts. Thanksgiving is this week, so what better way to show your thanks than to the men and women whom keep our country free. 

Where to Send

    There are lots of posts going around on Facebook that give the address to Walter Reed Medical Center for sending cards. However, that address is now defunct and any and all items sent will come straight back to you. I know this for a fact because Liam and I received all of our back a few years ago. I have done some research since then, and I have found other sites that will gladly take your cards of kindness. Check them out:

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