Saturday, October 27, 2018

tRuth, JusTEAS, and the American Way

    I'm sure you can tell by this title that I'm talking about tea again. Well not just any tea. Another amazing blend from TeaBook. If you believe in justice, equality, and the power of women, then this is the tea for you!

tRuth, JusTEAS, and the American Way

Ruth Bader Ginseng is a new blend of tasty tea, from TeaBook. This green tea has a blend of lemon myrtle and organic ginseng. It smells and tastes wonderful. Start your morning off right with a steaming cup of RGB tea. Let the qualities that makes Ruth Bader Ginsburg amazing, be your inspiration to be the best human you can be.

Ruth Bader Ginseng is number five in the PoliTEAcal series. As a person, Ruth is one of my heroes. She is fierce, hard working, and stands for what is good our country. While you're partaking in your RBG Tea, take time to pore over the wrapper. You will see images of the many things that make Ruth a real life super hero!

    It features her fight to protect the fourteenth amendment. The rainbow shows how she stands up for the LGBTQ community. Her life's work has been spent fighting for civil rights, which really does make her a super hero! You'll see references to her Jewish heritage, her home of Brooklyn, and her love of opera, and staying in shape.

More from TeaBook

TeaBook also has other tea series. Each with inspiring people, and punny names. I'm loving the Fred TEA Mercury. This organic tea is Bohemian Raspberry. (Get it!) What Tchaikovsky? Are you a fan of his works of music? What about his tea? Yes, he has one too! It's Chaikovsky tea, and you guessed it, it's Chai tea! (One of my personal favorite flavors of tea.) Chaikovsky and Fred TEA are part of TeaBook's LBTQTEA series. So whether your identify with LGBTQ or you're an ally, show your support and enjoy a tasty tea!

These are just a few of the awesome and inspirational teas that TeaBook has to offer. To see them all, head to their website!

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