Saturday, October 13, 2018

Time Flies When You're Eating Well!

   I can't believe it's been thirty days since switching my dogs to a raw diet. Time surely does fly when you're (moving and) and eating well! My girls are so in love with their Stella & Chewy's raw food, that they wouldn't know what to do without it!

Time Flies When You're Eating Well!

    A month ago I started slowly introducing my girls to a new raw diet. If you remember correctly, I chose the Venison from Stella & Chewy's. Since animals tummies can get upset if you just up and switch their diet, we started gradually feeding the raw food.

24 days into the diet....we were in the process of packing to move south....however, look how nice she looks!

    At first I gave them a small amount. Josie was started on about two and a half patties in the evening, while Bayleigh got eight to ten. During this time, they also had their normal dry kibble. Of course, they went for the venison first. Once that was gone, they whined, barked, and paced for more venison. When they realized that was all they were getting, they reluctantly ate their typical kibble.

You can serve the patties dry with water on the side, or add water and make a nice soft, and tasty meal!

Fast Forward Thirty Days

    Both of my girls are on just the raw diet. Dinner time is their favorite time of day! They gobble it right down! I noticed Josie's skin seems less itchy and irritated. Which is great because her hot spots are starting to heal up. (The gluten in typical foods wreaks havoc on her skin.)

We moved, so excuse the mess....but look! NO RIBS SHOWING!

    Bayleigh has started to fill out nicely, and I can't count every rib in her body. She looks so much more healthy. I no longer fear someone will report me to our local ASPCA for starving her. My girls give the Stella & Chewy's Raw Diet foods "two paws up," and our family definitely recommends this diet to other pet parents as well. We get ours right from along with our treats, medicines, and all other pet products.

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