Saturday, October 27, 2018

Perfect Holiday Gift for Water, Beach and Yoga Lovers

     I love to give practical holiday gifts. That's not to say that I don't enjoy giving fun presents too. However, I was raised that something useful is an amazing gift too. So if you have a water, beach or yoga lover on your holiday list, then this post is for you!

Perfect Holiday Gift for Water, Beach, and Yoga Lovers

    These Quick Dry Water Shoes make a wonderful gift! They're super comfortable, lightweight, and feel like second skin. Whether you or someone you love needs a pair of shoes for the pool, or for yoga class, these fit the bill! They're durable, yet cover your feet well. The non skid bottoms will help loved ones from slipping on wet floors, or when maneuvering those different yoga positions. They can easily be rolled up and slipped into a purse, backpack, or gym bag.

Beach Combing Must Have

    We finally followed our dreams, and bought a beach home. We're now walking and a short driving distance from area beaches. This means we do a LOT of beach combing. Liam has been asking for a pair of "beach shoes," but not just any shoe will do. He's autistic with sensory issues, so he's super specific about what he needs. They can't be too heavy, scratchy, or make any kind of squeaking noise. The shoes must also be easy to get on or off, with no laces. So when I saw these Quick Dry Water Shoes, I knew I had to check them out.

    As soon as they arrived, I slipped them on. I wanted to test them out myself, since I'll be putting them away to give him as a Christmas gift. I was super impressed. They easily slipped on my feet, and we were very comfy. I walked around the house, and even put a bit of water on the floor. There was no squeaking sound, and they kept me from slipping on the floor. The bottoms are great because they will protect Liam's feet from hot sand and any sharp shells we may come across on the beach.

Let's Talk Specifics: These shoes are 

  • Made of breathable, lightweight fabric, so don't worry about sweaty feet
  • Have sturdy soles made of synthetic material
  • Made with quick dry material so shoes won't stay wet long
  • Perfect for gripping when walking

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