Monday, October 22, 2018

Keep Their Litter Fresh

Litter is the bane of my existence. I love my furry granddaughter, but with a sensitive nose, I can always smell the litter box. It doesn't matter where it is in the house, or how often it's scooped.

Keep Their Litter Box Fresh

    Liam is in charge of Clara's care. It's his cat, and the condition on getting her was that he was to take care of her. Which I personally love because I just get to play with her and love on her without worrying about scooping her poop or emptying her littler pan. However, we've tried a few different litters and I just wasn't that impressed.

    First of all, as I mentioned, I have sensitive olfactory glands. Meaning I can smell a litter box from anywhere in a home. So one of the reasons I wanted a new litter was to get something that didn't smell of clay, or urine, no matter how clean the box is. Another reason is I don't like the clay dust. Both myself and my son have asthma, and filling and dumping a litter pan results in a ton of dust when using traditional clay litter. We were in search of another litter option that didn't include clay. So what did we choose?

My gorgeous granddaughter Clara

Frisco Crystal Cat Litter

    We do all of our pet shopping on (If you don't you're missing out, so get to their website stat!) Liam and chose to try Crystal Cat Litter by Frisco. Liam was excited because he was thinking crystals like quartz. However, I did set him straight, and told him that even though it isn't quartz crystal, it's still made of absorbent crystal like material. These lock in urine to stop that dreaded pee smell emanating from the litter. It really does work. Since putting the Crystal Cat Litter in Clara's pan, I haven't smelled any pee!

    Get this! If you only have one kitty, then just one bag of Frisco's Crystal Cat Litter could last for up to a month! Because this litter is so absorbent, and the crystals lock away odors, this litter will last longer than traditional clay litter.  In the long run, that will save you more money. Which is a huge plus as well!

    Simply scoop the solid waste from the pan every day. Then stir around the crystals. They're lightly scented so it will release a light summery scent. Voila! Fresh and clean litter pan in a matter of minutes. I love the ease of this cat litter!

Non Tracking

    Another thing that bothers me about litter is how it gets tracked all in front of the box. I loathe that! Cleaning that up every day gets annoying. However Frisco's Crystal Cat Litter is low tracking, which means more of it stays in your cat's box. And don't worry, those pretty crystals are gentle on kitties feet as well. So head to and stock up on some Frisco Crystal Cat Litter. You won't be sorry!

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