Friday, October 26, 2018

Fresh Doggie Kisses

Wow! It's already been two weeks since I started the Whimzees Thirty Day Challenge with Josie. Let me tell you, we're all impressed!

Fresh Doggie Kisses

    Two weeks ago, when Josie would try to kiss us, we all would recoil. Her breath was horrid! It broke our hearts because she would look so dejected. This combined with the fact that she absolutely refuses to let me brush her teeth. Seriously. My sweet old girl will take your finger off if you try to get at her teeth for brushing. We were told we could have her put under to have her teeth cleaned at a vet. That didn't sound like a good option. She's getting older and I don't want her under any anesthesia unless it's medically necessary.

    These are just a couple of the reasons we wanted to take part in the Whimzees Thirty Day Challenge. We're certainly glad we did too! Within a few days her breath was already better. Fast forward two weeks, and and it's even better yet. I honestly can't get a good look at her inner teeth because I happen to like my fingers. However, her front teeth already look a bit cleaner, and I can see there is less build up around her gums. (This tartar and plaque residue is what causes pet breath to be so awful. Not only does it make their breath stink, but it's not good for their teeth either!)

Two Weeks to Go

    While there are still two more weeks in this challenge, I am already impressed with the results. Just one healthy Whimzee per day has helped my baby girl so much. She loves them too which is another bonus. You can join us as well! Just head to and grab some Whimzees for your fur baby.  

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