Saturday, October 13, 2018

Dog Breath Stinks....Literally!

  I love my fur girls. However, I do not enjoy their stinky breath. Bayleigh loves to have her teeth brushed, but not Josie. To say her breath is horrid is putting it mildly. So what am I to do?

Dog Breath Stinks....Literally! asked if we’d like to take part in their Thirty Day Fresh Breath Challenge with Whimzees. To be honest, my fur girls already love Whimzees. Josie actually got her first one when she was spayed as her get well soon treat. When we saw how much she loved it, we started keeping them on hand, and when Bayleigh joined the family, she too enjoyed Whimzees.

Better Than a Treat

    Okay, so I knew they loved them. I also knew that they’re a better treat alternative than most. That’s because they don’t include Gluten. Which, for a dog with sensitivities like Josie, is a huge deal. Another reason they’re a better treat is because they’re made using all natural ingredients. Fur babies are part of our family, and they too deserve the very best.

A Tasty Toothbrush

    You may be asking, what do Whimzees have to do with fresh breath? Well, to answer your question, they have everything to do with nasty breath. Whimzees help to scrape tartar and plaque from your dogs (and cats) teeth. Those two things are what makes your pups breath wreak so badly. So, think of these treats as tasty toothbrushes for pets. They’re even shaped like toothbrushes which is pretty cool!

    Does your dog let you brush his/her teeth? Bayleigh loves to have her teeth brushed, but Josie refuses. She’s a sweet girl, but come at her with a toothbrush, and you’re risking your life! (Kidding….Maybe….) For that reason, I really wanted to take part in this challenge. I wanted to see if they helped Josie’s breath. However, whether or not your dog will let you brush their teeth, they can benefit from Whimzees. And besides, dogs love them. So you’re giving them a yummy treat, and cleaning their teeth and breath at the same time.

The 30 Day Whimzee Challenge

    For this challenge, I simply feed Josie one Whimzee Brushzee per day. Even though Bay lets me brush her teeth, she is still taking part, because it just wouldn’t be fair. I will check back in a couple of weeks, and let you know what we think so far. In the mean time, grab some Whimzees from and join us!

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