Friday, October 26, 2018

CelebriTEAs by the TeaBook

    I come from a long line of tea lovers. I am told that my great aunt four times removed, came from Czechoslovakia and actually used to read tea leaves for family and friends. (Umm, that's awesome!) Needless to say that when I discovered these celebriTEAs I knew I had to have some.

CelebriTEAS by the TeaBook

    In all honesty, what originally drew me to TeaBook teas was the artistic covers and catchy names of their teas. Last Christmas I gave some to my babcia, mom and sister, and we all had great laughs over the names and images on them. The one no one would drink? ImPeachMint tea. It features Donald Trump and all of the reasons he shouldn't be on office. Now the tea itself sounds so tasty, but the cover was just to great to destroy. These teas are actually collectTEAbles, so we were right not to destroy the foils. We all have one on display in our homes, and they're a great conversation piece.

Barry Berry Tea

    With that being said, now they have Obama tea, or Barry Berry Tea. (Seriously, their word play is fantastic!) This time, I thought ahead and grabbed a bunch of these. TeaBook was also cool enough to send us eight by ten posters of the art in that is featured on the foil. Liam grabbed one, ran upstairs, and hung it in his bedroom. (Obama is his favorite President of all.)

    The art on the tea foil involves all of the things that made Obama great. For instance his Nobel Peace Prize, the Garden of Eden for his religious views, and so many more. You have to get some of this tea just so you can look at the intricate art, and see if you can pick out all of the things the artist included about Barrack and even his wife, Michelle.

Let's Talk Tea

    The tea itself is amazing. The Barry Berry Tea is fruity with a hint of spice. That's because it featured Hibiscus, rosehips, dried pomegranate, cinnamon and orange peel. Is your mouth watering yet? Being a tea lover, mine was as soon as I read the list of goodies in each tea bag. It's caffeine free so if you want a sweet and spicy night cap, this tea is for you.

TeaBook is the Coolest

    I kind of collect teas. As a matter of fact, I have drawer and a canister that is packed full of loose bags of teas. To be honest, it's a bit of a mess. Which is where TeaBook comes in. This lightweight book, holds up to one hundred and forty-four bags of tea. It fits easily on a shelf in the pantry or even on your coffee bar. You can easily see all of the tea you have and if you have guests, they can pass it around to pick their flavor. I mean seriously, how handy is that? So be sure to check it out.

    And, since you're one of our loyal readers, you can use Teatime2018 for 10% off your order. The holidays are coming. Stock up on tea for family and friends. While you're there, grab some for gifts. Trust me, they make wonderful conversation pieces.

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