Sunday, September 2, 2018

Wellies Don't Need to Be Boring

    I've been looking for the perfect pair of wellies. I love to be outside as does my son, and I wanted a pair of boots that are made to get wet. So many of them are boring, and just kind of gross looking. That is, until I found this pair.

Wellies Don't Need to Be Boring

    I just discovered this pair of Biker Rain Boots from DKSUKO, and I fell in love! They don't even look like wellies! This pair of boots looks just like a fancy pair of biker boots. However, instead of being leather, they're made of ninety percent PVC, with rubber soles. The PVC and rubber keeps your feet dry, even in the wettest situations. 

    These boots even have a slight heel to give short people like myself a little lift! The inside has a thin cotton lining for more comfort too. DKSUKO's Biker Rain Boots feature two buckles to really set off that biker boot style. There's one at the top of the boot, and one at the bottom. They're not just for looks either! These buckles are functional too. You can tighten your boots with them if you want a better fit on your leg.

Sturdy, Well Designed Tread

    We don't just want our wellies to keep our feet dry. We also want to keep from slipping and falling on wet surfaces. Which is another reason I love my Biker Rain Boots from DKSUKO. Their tread is just like that of a work boot, which means it gives you the grip you need to keep from a slip and fall accident. Whether your tromping across the deck of a boat, rambling down a ramp, or tromping through a wooded area, these boots will keep your feet dry, and keep you from sliding around.

Six Colors to Choose From

    Most of the wellies I'm used to seeing are the traditional white ones. I see them all over the Eastern Shore when we're visiting family. I also see them a lot on fishing shows on television. However, DKSUKO gives you six colors to choose from. You can pick the traditional white, or opt for a pastel pink, bright yellow, or navy blue. They even have a dark brown or black option. I chose navy blue, and unless you get up close to my boots, they look like a leather biker boot!

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