Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Two Weeks into the Raw Diet

    So it's been a couple of weeks since my fur daughters have been enjoying their Stella & Chewy's Raw Diet. Let me tell you, they wait very impatiently for their dinner every night!

Two Weeks into the Raw Diet

    Since day one of trying the Venison Raw Diet, they have been in love. They know mom feeds them every evening at the same time, and they are in the kitchen at least 10 minutes before it's time. They know their yummy food is coming soon!

    We worked into this diet gradually, so as to not upset their digestive tract. While they have been eating one meal of the raw diet each evening, I still keep dry kibble down for them. That way they have a "snack" when they want it. My goal of this diet was to put weight on our German Shepherd. Our little mutt Josie was actually a bit overweight. So for her, I fed her a bit less of the raw diet. For Bayleigh, she is given the full amount, which is about 15 patties.


    Josie has thinned out some, which is perfect. Bayleigh on the other hand is filling out. I can see less of her ribs and I feel better knowing that she's working her way towards a healthier weight. I'm pleased with the ease of feeding them this diet. I'm also happy knowing that it's healthy for them, and I'm not feeding them fillers.

Is it time for my Stella & Chewy's yet?

    I also love that there's no gluten in the Stella & Chewy's Raw Diet. For Bay, gluten is fine. However, it's not so great for Josie. She has pretty severe skin allergies, and gluten seems to exacerbate them. I don't give her any gluten because if I do, she's itching and creating hot spots on her body. (Now if I could just get Liam to quit sneaking her bits of his sandwiches or cereals!) Josie seems to be less itchy, and her hot spots are healing up nicely. She'll be happy when she isn't getting her "medicine bath" every two days!

    I would definitely recommend this raw diet to anyone looking for a healthier food option for their dog. Whether you're looking to keep your canine companion at a healthy weight, put weight on them, or want to eliminate allergy inducing Gluten, this diet is perfect. After all, our pets are our children, and we should be just as picky about what we feed them as we are our human family.

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