Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Sensory Input for Back to School

A few days ago I got an email from the amazing folks behind Craft City. They wanted to know if Liam would like a Slime Swag Set for back to school. Of course that answer was a resounding yes!

Sensory Input Back to School Style

Now I know all too well how much fun it is to make slime. It’s one of mine and Liam’s favorite ways to spend time together. However, we don’t always have that time, especially during the school year. With that being said, there’s still a need to have slime because it gives Liam wonderful sensory input, and also keeps his hands busy during lessons. Busy hands means he focuses more on me instead of looking around the room and trying to find something to occupy his empty hands.

So when Karina and her team from Craft City asked if we wanted some premade slime, our answer was yes! They did not disappoint! A mere two days later a bunch of slimy fun arrived on our doorstep.

Soda Slime

Let me tell you, this slime smells absolutely fantastic! When my son opened it, I could smell it sitting across the room from the him. He got Orange and Grape soda. Craft City also has Cherry Cola scented and Lemon Lime Soda as well. Your kids are sure to love this four pack of premade slime.

Super Slime

This may very well being one of Liam’s favorite types of slime. He loves the colors and glitter. His favorite is Fire and Ice. It’s an orange slime with gold glitter (two of his faves,) and it even has plastic chunks of “ice” inside. He loves manipulating this slime to expose the ice and pick them out. The four pack also comes with Mood Ring slime which changes colors with heat.  Metallic slime, and Glow in the Dark Rainbow too.

Galactic Slime

Inspired by space, this four pack of Craft City premade slime is out of this world! It comes with Blackberry Blast Off, Martian-mallow, Milky Way Cereal, and Green Apple Goo. The green apple smells exactly like a hard candy. The Milky Way Cereal looks and smells just like a fruity cereal. Plus it has foam balls for even more sensory input.

Glitter Slime

If glitter is your thing then you’re going to love the Craft City Glitter Slime four pack. It comes with glittery fun in blue, gold, rainbow and pink.

More Fun From Craft City

These are just a few of the fun activities and sensory items from Craft City. You can make slime, lip gloss, and more. There are even kits to color your own squishies too! Karina sent Liam two keychain squishies, and two of those balls that you squeeze and parts of it pop out. He hasn’t put them down since they came!

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