Monday, September 3, 2018

Rechargeable Flashlight is Perfect for Campus Life

    If you're getting ready to send a child off to college, then a flashlight is a must. While exciting, campus life can be daunting too. Make them and you feel safer by making sure they have a quality light.

Rechargeable Flashlight is Perfect for Campus Life

    Having a good flashlight is a important for everyone. However as a parent, making sure your child has the best one as they embark on life away from the nest, is a necessity. But not just any light will do. I just got the Victagen LED Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight for my eldest son. I don't have to worry that he won't have fresh batteries for it because it's a rechargeable. He can simply plug it into his USB ports and it charges with a micro USB cord (included.) The light takes about two hours to charge and will give you up to four hours of continuous use on the brightest setting.

Super Bright to Light Up the Night

    The Victagen LED Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight is a powerful one thousand Lumens. It's beam can reach three hundred to fifty yards, or over one thousand feet! Not only will this light up campus and discourage negative contact, but in an emergency situation it can help even more. This light has an SOS and Strobe mode. The user can institute this to signal for help. Since the beam is so bright, you're sure to attract attention and help. 

Safety End

    There's something a bit different about Tac Lights, compared to your run of the mill flashlight. The front end features an "attack head." This is designed to strike an assailant in the face. Preferably in the temple, nose, or eye socket. So not only are making sure your child can see well around campus, but you're essentially giving them a legal weapon for use in an emergency.

Water Resistant

    The Victagen LED Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight has an IP65 rating. That means it will resist water damage. If your child drops it in a puddle or it gets splashed, it won't ruin the light. They can even use it to head to shower rooms at the dorm. 

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