Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Keep Your Seats Clean and Dry in All Seasons

    We have two fur daughters (and one furry granddaughter.) Our youngest daughter just happens to be the biggest of all, and the one that loves water and mud. To say our Jeep seats look terrible is an understatement. I personally hate cleaning them, so I need a way to keep them clean and dry in all seasons. was there to help!

Keep Your Seats Clean and Dry in All Seasons

    I do all of our pet shopping at They have everything we need in one place, and their prices and customer service can't be beat. So when I decided I was tired of detailing our Jeep every week, I went to I discovered the car seat covers from Frisco, and knew they were for us.

    First of all, they're made of heavy duty Oxford Polyester. Which means they will stand up to my German Shepherd, as well as the mud, dirt, and water she will get on them. This material also makes them resistant to water, spills, and color bleeding, so my Jeep seats are safe from everything Bayleigh brings their way. Since they are easy to wipe clean, and can be machine washed, I can easily keep them clean. 

I just cleaned my seats last week.... I had to clean them again before I put on my Frisco Car Seat Cover

Seat Cover or Hammock

    Frisco has these seat covers in a traditional Bench Seat Cover, or a Hammock Cover. I chose the bench style since I also have Liam that sits in the back with the dogs. This way my son and my fur daughters can't ruin my back car seat. The cover is kid and dog proof! ;) 

    The Frisco Hammock Seat Cover will not only protect your back seat, but it also keeps dirt, debris, water, mud and more from your floors. Oh, and it protects the back of your front seats as well. 

Accommodates Human Seat Belts and Pet Restraints

    I love our Frisco Car Seat Cover. It was super easy to install, which means it will be easy to remove and clean, and then put back in the Jeep. You can also access your seat belts with the cover in place. So whether you have a human sitting in the back with your fur baby, or you use a pet restraint for car safety, you can access the buckles so your babies are safe!

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