Sunday, September 2, 2018

Back to School Sensory Style

    We're not a typical family. Which is why our back to school list always includes sensory items. Liam is home/cyber schooled and he needs things that can keep his hands busy so his brain can focus. We just got this awesome kit, check it out!

Back to School Sensory Style

    Explorer's Choice 2018 Slime Kit is amazing! It has twenty-four colors of crystal clear slime. There's also an egg packed full of Galaxy slime, and fruit slime as well. Tons of slimy fun to fulfill their sensory needs, and keep their hands busy. Keeping hands busy helps to keep people focused. It works wonders for my son, and we don't do lessons without something for him to fidget with.

    However, slime isn't just a sensory tool. It's an amazing stress reliever too. I often sit in my chair and stretch slime, or make bubbles in it an pop them. Believe it or not, it helps me unwind after an especially rough day.

Add Ins to Make it More Fun

    The Explorer's Choice kit even comes with add ins to make your slime even more sensory fun! There are six glitter jars to make your slime sparkle and shine. With six packs of foam balls your kids can add more texture to their slime. The different sizes of the foam will make slime bumpy and exciting to stretch in your hands! There are even some fruit slices that they can add into their slime!

    The creators of Explorer's Choice 2018 Slime Kit even included stuff to play with your slime! There's a three piece tool set to cut and smooth out your slime. With six animals, you can hide them in the slime and let little hands dig them out. There are even three straws to blow bubbles into your slime. (We love making bubbles in our slime because then you can pop them, and it really fulfills those sensory needs!)

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