Friday, August 3, 2018

Watermelons Aren't Just for Eating.

    One of my son's favorite fruits is watermelon. This time of year they're everywhere. But they aren't just for eating. They're for playing too.

Watermelons Aren't Just for Eating

    Have you ever put a watermelon in water? Did you know that they are neutrally buoyant? If you were to put a watermelon in water, it would first sink to the bottom, then slowly, float upwards. That's because they are made up primarily of water. As a matter of fact, a watermelon weighing one hundred grams contains ninety-one grams of water. But, they aren't just for eating.....

    They're for playing! Watermelon Ball Jr. by PlaSmart, takes the concept of a real watermelon, and turns it into a super fun water game, for kids, teens, and adults alike. With this ball you can kick, dribble, bounce, and pass it through water, for an interactive game like you've never played before!

Fancy Foot Work

    Watermelon Ball Jr. looks like a real round watermelon, except that PlaSmart has added some brighter colors to make it more visible in water. You simply fill it with water, and toss it into the pool. You can even play with it in the creek or lake like we do! Gather the kids and adults for a game of water soccer or basketball. You can pass Watermelon Ball Jr. back and forth with your feet. You can dribble it underwater too!

    This ball takes playing in the water to a whole new level. Encourage exercise and fun, while teaching good sportsmanship, and keeping cool on hot days. I use ours to help my son fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. The water makes it a little trickier, but it helps him work on the areas that he needs help with due to autism. 

Dive In!

    Another fun way to play with Watermelon Ball Jr. is to toss it into the pool. Then have kids dive in after it, and try to get it before it leaves the floor of the pool. At about eight inches around it's the perfect size for everyone to enjoy. The brighter colors also make it more visible which is a plus if like us, you use it in a creek or a lake. 

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