Monday, August 13, 2018

Shed Some Light on College Safety

    Are you sending kids off to college this fall? If so, you may be considering their safety away from home. Let's shed some light on their nights.

Shed Some Light on College Safety 

    A must have item for any teen or young adult heading to college is a flashlight. They'll use it to get to and from their dorm, and as they traverse the campus at night. They may even use it to study and not disturb their roommate. But most importantly, you will rest easy knowing they are safer by having one. However, not just any flashlight will do.

Why Tactical?

    If you're going to send them with a flashlight, choose a tactical one. I happen to love the Kllarmant T6 LED Tactical Flashlight. First of all, it's super bright with six LED lights. You can zoom your beam of light in and out, which can light up any dark area on campus. This tac light has five modes. Your son or daughter can choose from high, low, medium, strobe, and SOS. Since the light it gives off is so bright and intense, they can signal help from afar. 

Self Defense with a Tac Light?

    I realize it's not pleasant to think about our babies having to defend themselves in a situation gone awry. However, in the event that this happens, the Kllarmant Tactical Flashlight can be used as a weapon. Yes, you read that right. It can be used as a weapon.

    Look at the lens end of this flashlight. This is what they call the "Lotus Shape Attack Top." It's designed to not only break glass in an emergency, (think car windows,) but it can also be used as a melee weapon on an attacker. One good swing with the end of this tac light to the temple or eye, is sure to knock an attacker off his or her feet. We all know that violence isn't the answer, but in a life or death situation, your son or daughter can easily fend off an attacker with their tac light. This will help you and them sleep better at night. Afterall, a college journey is something to be celebrated, not feared.

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