Tuesday, August 7, 2018

My Girls Get Perky for Pet Jerky

     My fur daughters love a good snack. However they get super perky for pet jerky! We just tried out a few flavors from I and Love and You, and my girls adore them all!

I spy with my little eye.... two sheppy feet, patiently waiting for a tasty treat.

My Girls Get Perky for Pet Jerky!

    If you're looking for pet jerky that has REAL meat as the number one ingredient, then check out these tasty tidbits from I and Love and You. These grain free dog treats are lovingly made right here in the United States. They contain no fillers, grains, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. What they do contain is duck, lamb, beef, salmon, and chicken. 

Perfect for Training

    Whether you're teaching an old dog new tricks, or a new puppy some manners, these jerky bites from I and Love and You are perfect. Since they're bite sized, they make a wonderful reward for training purposes. It also makes them great for any size of fur baby. My little girl, and my big girl can partake in these yummy jerky treats. (Even my son's cat tries to enjoy them too. I have to give her her own cat treats BEFORE I give my girls their jerky. That way everyone is happy.)

My little photobombers were not letting me take pics of their treats!

Three Pack of Flavors

    We chose the Three Pack of I and Love and You's Nice Jerky Bites. It comes with a bag of Chicken and Salmon, Beef and Lamb, and Chicken and Duck. My girls go ballistic for each flavor, so I'd have to say their favorite is ALL OF THEM! 

    I love that my girls can try each flavor with this three pack. Once your fur baby has tasted them all, and you know their favorite, you can buy other three packs. You can opt to get three bags of one flavor, or stay with variety pack. Either way, your canine companion with have four ounces of American Made and super tasty jerky.

Get your Nice Jerky Bites from I and Love and You right at Chewy.com

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