Saturday, August 25, 2018

Markers or Watercolors and Paint Brushes?

    It's back to school season. If you homeschool like us, or even have a child that loves art, you'll be purchasing art supplies too. Money is tight, so we're always looking for ways to save it. So should you get them markers or watercolors and paint brushes? How about both, in one convenient pen?

Markers or Watercolors and Paint Brushes?

    Liam gets his love of crafting and art from me. I homeschool him, but use a cyber school, so they send most of the items he needs for the year. However, we always buy his art supplies. He loves to draw and to color, as well as paint. But with money being tight, I can't always afford new markers and watercolor sets each year. So what do we do? That's easy. Grab this set of Watercolor Brush Markers from Lasten.

Color with a Marker, Get the Watercolor Effect

    We love this set by Lasten. The tips come to a nice point, but act like a brush. You get the ease of coloring with markers, but it looks as though you painted with watercolors. The only difference is the colors are more vibrant. So it looks as though you used very concentrated water colors. It's gorgeous!

    The Dual Tip Watercolor Brush Markers come in a pack of twelve. However, since they are dual tipped, you're actually getting twenty-four colors. One end is a dark color, and the other end is a lighter shade of the dark color. I love that because it helps to teach kids more about shades of color.

Lettering, Coloring, and More

    You can use these watercolor markers to color in your books. But you can also use them to create beautiful lettering. Use them in scrapbooks, bullet journals, and so much more. I guarantee you're going to love them as much as your kids. (So you may want to get your own set.) ;)

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