Thursday, August 2, 2018

Launch Your Kids into a Fishing Frenzy

    We are a family that loves to fish. However, if you've yet to catch the bug, the Rocket Fishing Rod will launch your kids into a frenzy. It's a super fun, and safer way for kids to catch a big one!

Launch Your Kids into a Fishing Frenzy

    Whether or not your kids love to fish, or you want to expose them to how much fun it is, the Rocket Fishing Rod is perfect. Much easier to cast that traditional rods, it launches their line up to thirty feet into the water. All you do is cock it, and shoot. The bobber launches their line, hook and bait, right into the water.

Safer Than Traditional Poles

    If you're worried about having your kids try to fish because of the danger of the fishing hook, then the Rocket Fishing Rod can set your mind at ease. The bobber actually holds the hook and the bait INSIDE. Once it hits the water, it opens up, and the line with their hook and bait drops down to wait for a fish to gobble it up.

    This is so much safer than having young children cast a line and hook all willy nilly into the water. Since the sharp hooks are encased inside the bobber, no one is going to the hospital with a hook in their body.

Fish On!

    So if you're thinking that this thing can't possibly work, then think again! The very first time my son launched his Rocket Fishing Rod, he caught a fish. I kid you not, the hook no longer released from the bobber, and he had a sunfish on his line. He reeled it in with ease, and being a seasoned fisherman, removed it from the hook, and launched back out into the pond. Liam caught a bunch of panfish that evening.

    He was having so much that we decided to drop our regular poles and give the Rocket Fishing Rod a try. Both myself and my husband were catching fish with it too. We both agree it's easier for kids to maneuver, and they will have a blast!

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