Friday, August 17, 2018

Easily Remove Unwanted Hair

    As the teens and young adults are headed back to school, they'll be getting ready to look their best. With this awesome gadget, they can easily remove unwanted hair. Which makes it a perfect back to school accessory.

Easily Remove Unwanted Hair

    Magefy's Hair Removal Trimmer is perfect for everyone! This is a must have tool for a shaving bag, or in a makeup tote. Users can quickly and painlessly remove any unwanted hair. Whether it be pesky eyebrow or nose hairs, trimming sideburns, or epilating armpits or unsightly lip hair. This trimmer does it all!

    It comes with four interchangeable heads. One epilator, one nose hair trimmer, the narrow trimmer for eyebrows, and another head for shaving the face or sideburns. There's even a guard that you can attach to the longer trimmer, so you can shave in three different lengths.

The Hair Multi-Tool

    Because the Hair Removal Trimmer from Magefy does so many things, I call it the "hair multi-tool." I keep mine right on my vanity, so I can touch up any areas that need it when I sit down to apply my makeup, or put on my nightly face creams. I love that it's small in size too, so I can easily toss it in my makeup bag for vacations. Because let's face it, who wants to be away from home and notice hairs that need to be removed? With kids heading away from home and to college, this trimmer is the perfect addition to their bathroom caddy. 

Rechargeable and Waterproof

    The Magefy Hair Removal Trimmer is waterproof, so if you're in the shower and want to touch up shave, you can. The IPX7 waterproof rating makes it a wonderful addition to the bathroom because you know the moisture or water won't affect it.

    The Magefy Trimmer is rechargeable as well. Simply plug it into any USB port and let it charge. This is perfect because most of our device charge via USB, so we don't need to worry about extra chargers. Heck, you can even charge it via your laptop or notebook too. 

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