Monday, August 27, 2018

Camping and Backpacking Must Have

    Fall doesn't mean the end of camping and backpacking season. There are still plenty of warm days and nights left to enjoy the great outdoors. I actually have an amazing product that is the perfect addition to any trip. The Nulipam Wood Stove Set. Let's check it out!

Camping and Backpacking Must Have 

    Whether you're backpacking or headed out on a camping trip, you want to pack lightly. However, you still need to cook meals. That's where the Nulipam Wood Stove Set comes in. First of all, it's compact and stores in itself so it takes up very little space. It's lightweight too so it won't weigh you down.

    This set isn't just a wood stove. It's an entire cookware set as well. It comes with a one liter pot, and a half liter pot. Don't let their size fool you. These pots are perfect for making a meal for up to two people at one time. The pots are non stick and easy to clean. They have handles that fold out to make getting them off of the wood stove easier.

    Nulipam also knows that you need to eat what you cook. So in this set they added three food grade polypropylene plastic bowls, as well as a plastic soup spoon, a stainless steel spoon, fork and knife. All of which fold down to take up less room. There's even a wooden spoon for cooking and sponge to wash your pots and utensils. This set really is all in one!

Stainless Steel Stove

    The wood stove comes in four parts. It's made of sturdy stainless steel and is easy to set up. Though small in size, you can easily use sticks, small branches, leaves and more to stoke up a nice, hot fire. Once you get a good fire going, you can start cooking.

The Nulipam set even comes with a carabiner to hook your set to your backpack.

    My sister is an avid outdoors woman and survivalist, so I gifted the Nulipam Wood Stove kit to her. She loves it! It's easy to assemble, and she loves how everything fits into itself, and into the included carrying bags. She states that it takes up very little room in her backpack. My sister also noted that the pots are large enough to cook fish, a couple squirrels, or a small rabbit, quail, or grouse.

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