Thursday, August 23, 2018

Add Some Solar Flair to Your Garden

    Just because summer is coming to an end, doesn't mean your flower garden has to. And while you're adding some fall flowers, why not add some solar flair too?! Light up your autumn evenings with this adorable decorative light from Hannah's Cottage.

Add Some Solar Flair to Your Garden

    Cooler weather will be bearing down upon us soon. Our days will get shorter, but that doesn't mean we can't still enjoy our flower gardens. Annuals such as mums, dianthus (my personal favorite,) Aster, Sweet Alyssum (another of my favorite flowers,) and Pansies are wonderful flowers that bloom even in cooler weather.

    While you're enjoying these gorgeous blooms, you can also add some garden decorations. This decorative bird stake from Hannah's Cottage features a colorful bird. It will add whimsy to your garden. The bird also features a solar light in it's belly, so you can take delight in it even at night.

Beautiful Crackled Bulb and Sturdy Design

    The light in the bird's belly is a gorgeous blue, crackled bulb. It looks so pretty during the day, and even more gorgeous at night. The bird and the stake are made from sturdy iron, so you know they'll hold up to being outside.

Light Up the Night

    On the stake is a solar panel. It takes about six hours of sunlight to fully charge the light. Then you can enjoy about eight hours of whimsical light from your bird. Depending on the strength of the sun that is. (Of course on gloomy days it may not charge as much, but that's to be expected with solar power.)

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