Sunday, July 29, 2018

The Age of Venus

    Girls and women are tired of being in the background. It's finally our time to shine. It's the age of Venus, and we're more powerful than even. (Thanks to our ancestors helping to pave the way for all women!)

The Age of Venus

    Women around the world are coming out of the shadows. They're embracing their differences, and using them to recreate themselves. Women are stepping forth, and paving the way for the girls of our future. They're doing so by starting their own businesses, and entering the world of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.)

    No longer is it a "man's world," because women are here to stay. We are taking over the workforce, and doing jobs that were once only held by men. We're teaching our daughters and nieces that they too can have their own business or develop video games and apps. There are even programs designed specifically to instill a love of these things into our girls. 

I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar

    I myself refused to back down. I knew this wasn't just a man's world. When I was eighteen I got my first tattoo kit. After a few years of practice on oranges and grapefruits, (and eventually family and friends,) I moved to Florida. The first thing I did was take my portfolio into a tattoo shop. I was hired on the spot. Back then (in 2002,) there weren't a ton of female tattoo artists. Within a year, I had my own booth and my own clients. Eventually I relocated to Alabama, where again, I was hired on the spot. They featured me in commercials, and I worked about 70 hours per week doing what I loved.

    Now a special needs mom, I can no longer be a tattoo artist. So instead, I took my love of writing, and developed it into a freelance business. I can work from home, while still caring for my son, and tending to his home school lessons. Oh and housework. That dreaded h word! But yes, I do that too. And you know what? I'm still happy. I'm more confident than I have ever been [maybe that's just because I'm becoming (older) wise.]

Chrissy Weems

    Another inspiring woman is Chrissy Weems. She is the co-founder and CEO of Origami Owl. (By the way, thanks for having Autism charms, Chrissy! My fellow autism moms and I love that you thought of our kids!) Her experience in interior design, art, and beauty have helped turn her into the force of nature she is today. 

    Wife of twenty five years, and mom to five wonderful children, Chrissy is proof that women can be successful, and still have a gorgeous family. Women can have families, start businesses, run businesses, pave the way in the arts, create amazing video games, and so much more! We can do anything we put our minds to, as can our daughters, sisters, and nieces. By encouraging one another, lifting each other up, and inspiring the next generation of girls to do the same, we can create an equal workforce. One that doesn't see gender, just talent. Fantastic talent and minds!

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