Friday, July 13, 2018

Safely Take Your Indoor Cats Outdoors

    We have a once feral, now fat and domesticated cat. However, she still wants to play outside at times. But we can't let her out for fear she will get hurt. That is until we found this awesome cat tunnel. Now Liam can safely take his cat outdoors.

Safely Take Your Indoor Cats Outdoors

    Even though my furry granddaughter is spayed, up to date on vaccinations and has adequate flea and tick prevention, we couldn't let her outside. We were afraid she would get hurt, or worse, take off looking for her feral family. However, that has changed because we just got her this awesome outdoor cat tunnel!

Collapsible and Safe

    Roraima's Outdoor Cat Tent is the best! It's collapsible so not only is it portable, but it's easy to store when not in use. It's made of a sturdy mesh so your kitty can see and breathe freely, however, they're safely confined to the play tunnel.

    The tent is seventeen inches wide, and a generous fifty-nine inches in length. It's plenty big enough for a large cat, or even two smaller ones.

Take Your Cat Camping

    Love to camp but want to take your cat? This cat tunnel collapses easily and stores away without taking up much room at all.  It even comes with a nice carrying bag! Therefore you can stash it in your camper, and take your feline friend with you. Then on nice days, set up your kitty tunnel, put them inside and let them enjoy the great outdoors with you. My son even puts some of his fur daughter's favorite toys in with her. Heck, even our dogs enjoy playing with Clara in the tent.

Roly Poly

    When your cat is in their Roraima tunnel, you will feel good knowing that they are safe. However, they can walk and move their tent. Much like a hamster wheel or ball, this tunnel will roll as they walk. So with any toy, make sure you are watching them as they are enjoying their fresh air.

Connects to Play Tents

    Roraima's Outdoor Tunnel attaches to a play tent. Since both ends zip up to keep your cat confined, you choose either end to attach to a play tent. Your kitty can have a safe, outdoor play area, in the comfort of any yard.

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