Saturday, July 14, 2018

PetTastic is Fantastic

    If you're looking for a quality collar that looks great too, then look no further. PetTastic is fantastic! We love them, and so do my girls.

PetTastic is Fantastic

    Not too long ago, I got our sweet Josie Joy a gorgeous collar from PetTastic. I loved it so much, that I just had to get one for my other fur daughter, Bayleigh. Not only are their collars adorable and beautiful, but they're safe, and convenient.

    The outside of the collar is made of printed, high density printed polyester. The inner part of the collar is made of comfortable neoprene so your pet will love the feel. The buckles are sturdy and made from eco-friendly plastic. The D ring to clip the leash to is strong and covered with chrome for added style and durability. 

Special Place for Tags

    Other than the great designs of these collars, I have to say what caught my attention is the special ring for your dogs ID, rabies, and license tags. This specialized loop is just for those important tags, which is great because unlike other collars, they're not hanging from the D ring. That just gets in the way when your using their leash.

Three Sizes to Fit Your Fur Baby

    The PetTastic Collars come in three sizes. You can choose from Small, Medium, and Large, to accommodate your canine. Bayleigh is a German Shepherd, so I got her a large. It fits perfectly, and has plenty of room in the event that I need to make it larger. (Josie wears a medium. Even though she's a small dog, she has a larger neck.)

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