Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Multi Purpose Shears Make Food Prep a Breeze

    I love to cook and bake, therefore I love getting new kitchen gadgets. I just got an awesome pair of Multi Purpose Kitchen Shears from WEREACH. I love them and you will too!

Multi Purpose Shears Make Food Prep a Breeze

    I've had a few pair of kitchen scissors, and never really cared for any of them. That is until I got these ones from WEREACH. These bad boys are the perfect kitchen gadget because they serve many purposes. The Multi Purpose Kitchen Shears are actually five tools in one. You can cut veggies and herbs, meat, scale fish, crack nuts, and open a nice cold bottle of your favorite beer. They even come with a handy sheath to keep the blades covered when not is use.

    When I got the scissors my husband opened them right away. I think he was also tired of my other crappy shears. The first thing he said was, "Wow hun, these are heavy duty!" And they really are. These Multi Purpose Kitchen Shears are sturdy and they're going to last a long time. 

Be a Kitchen Wizard

    With these Multi Purpose Kitchen Shears you can be a kitchen wizard. You can spatchcock your Thanksgiving turkey in just a matter of minutes with ease when using these shears. Your bird will not only cook faster, but more evenly using this method. 

    Having a cookout? Keep your shears handy because you can use them to open your guests beer bottles. If someone has a hard time popping can tabs, you can use the bottle opener for that too. 

    Preparing fish you just caught? No worries, because using the outer serrated edge of these shears will scale your catch in minutes. You can then use the shears to cut open the abdomen and remove the viscera. 

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