Friday, July 27, 2018

Make More Fun on the Beach

    The countdown is on! We're heading south in just over a month. (The ocean has been screaming my name!) When you have kids, you're always looking for new ways to have fun on the beach. I found the perfect toys!

Make More Fun on the Beach

    Building sand castles is a must for beach visits. My son is twelve and yes, he and I still enjoy building castles, because there's no age limit on fun! We've been through a lot of sand sets through the years, and the same thing ALWAYS happens. They snap and they crack. You can't enjoy building castles, or making little sand animals with toys that just break. Which is why I love this set from Meigo. 

    This set is made from sturdy polypropylene plastic, so it's sturdy enough to handle sand, but it also has more flex to it than traditional plastics. (It's BPA free too.) Because this set is made of PP plastic, it has rounded edges, and since it's soft, it's more gentle on little hands.

Eighteen Piece Set

    The Meigo beach set has eighteen fun pieces. There are two different sized shovels, and a nice rake. You also get a little water bucket, a sifter, and a watering can. It comes with six castle molds to create amazing works of sand art! There is also six shape molds. You get a tree, a train, a sea star, a fish, turtle and a crab. What I love about these molds is they have air holes in them. These holes, and the softer plastic, makes it easier to release your sand creations from them. 

Carrying Tote

    Meigo knows that we need to keep the kids toys together. So they also included a mesh carrying bag. It fits all of these toys, with plenty of room to spare! It will even make an awesome shell collection bag too! The mesh means that the sand can easily be shaken out, which also means, less sand in our vehicles!

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