Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Make It and Take It with Ease This Summer

    If you have yet to discover how amazing food pouches are, then you have to check these out! The FreshPouch you can make it and take it with ease this summer! I have some great food and drink ideas to use in your pouches too.

Make It and Take It with Ease This Summer

    I've been using food pouches for my kids for about a year now. However, I just got more pouches for us adults to use too. When we went to Virginia last summer, the stores were full of mixed drink pouches for adults, and I wanted to recreate those for us. By using FreshPouch, you can not only save money by making your own, but you'll be saving waste from landfills as well. That's because the pouches are refillable and reusable. These ones are also dishwasher, freezer, and heat safe. They're durable and will last a long time with regular use.

Perfect for Breakfast on the Go

    My eldest son loves food pouches for oatmeal. I make up quick oats, and then add either pureed fruit, or brown sugar and syrup. I make sure it's a bit runny, and then using a funnel, I fill his pouches. He can enjoy them cold, or heat them in the microwave for a filling and healthy breakfast.

    FreshPouch can hold smoothies, fruit purees and more. So they're not just for breakfast. You can use them for snacks, lunch, or any time!

Beat the Heat

    It's been sweltering here in NEPA lately. So I decided to try something new for the kids. Using solo cups, froze some fruit juice and Hawaiian Punch. Once they were ready I grabbed my blender, the juice, and a few FreshPouches.

    I snipped the solo cup, and ripped it off the chunk of juice. Then, because I didn't want to bog down our blender, I used an ice pick to break it up a bit. Next, pour in some juice and blend it up. Once you're satisfied with the consistency, use a funnel and fill your pouches. That's it. My kids really enjoyed their home made slushies.

The Grown Up Twist

    Since I wanted to make adult version of pouch slushies, I grabbed some booze. I chose some Bud Lite Rita flavors since I had them on hand. For me, I took canned pineapple, orange-a-rita, and ice, and blended them up. My sister chose strawberrita, fresh berries, and ice. We blended them up and filled our FreshPouches. They were so good, and we'll definitely be making more. 

    Since you get a pack of ten, ten ounce FreshPouch with your order, there's plenty of pouches for the kids and adults to enjoy. 

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