Saturday, July 14, 2018

Keep His Junk in the Trunk Organized

    Tired of his car being a mess? With this organizer, he can keep the junk in his trunk organized.

Keep His Junk in the Junk Organized

    My hubby doesn't keep a neat car. He does good to start, but when the novelty wears off, so does the gumption to keep the interior clean. It drives me batty. I can't stand it. However, I just got him this awesome trunk organizer from Big Ant. So he had better start keeping our Jeep tidier! (If not, my OCD may seriously go off the deep end!)

Big Ant Trunk Organizer

    I know he's going to love this Trunk Organizer from Big Ant. First of all, it has camouflage on it, which automatically makes it in a winner in his book. Secondly, it comes with two straps to keep it in place in your vehicle. This is one of his peeves of the smaller totes I got him. They move all over the trunk and the contents spill out. No, my hubby isn't an erratic driver. We live in a very rural area with pot holed and dirt roads. 

    The Big Ant Trunk Organizer has two large sections. You can use them to store your auto supplies, fluids, tools, jumper cables and more. You can even use it to keep groceries from flying all around your trunk on the way home. 

    When you're not using your Big Ant Trunk Organizer, it collapses and the ends clip together, for neat and tidy storage. It doesn't take up much space so you can store it in your trunk, or even in the garage. 

Here are Some More Details

-Strong three layer waterproof nylon/rubber bottom
-Extra thick mesh/poly cloth pocket outside
-Strong unbreakable handles, fortified cross stitch for heavy loading
-2 extra strips and 4 four rubber pads for prevent from sliding
Durable Structure:
-600D oxford polyester
-Waterproof PU leather( at the bottom)
-Non-woven fabric handle
-PE hard stay plate

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