Thursday, July 12, 2018

Give the Safe Gift of Theft and Identity Protection

    Yes, I realize it's July, but that doesn't mean we can't be thinking ahead to Christmas. This holiday season I will be giving my eldest son the gift of theft and identity protection. I want him to feel safe in life, so to me, this is the perfect present.

Give the Safe Gift of Theft and Identity Protection

    Sadly, it's becoming easier for hackers to get our information. While we all enjoy the advances in new technology, it does come with a hefty price tag. (Both literally and figuratively.) Skimmers can now steal our information and even money just by being near us. Our credit cards, drivers license, and even passports have RFID technology. While this is useful for us, hackers have learned how to steal that information without ever laying a finger on any of those cards. So what are we to do?

RFID Blocking Wallet

    The answer is simple. Get an RFID blocking wallet. I just got my son this one from Amelleon. It's designed with the latest RFID blocking technology to keep his personal information, and his credit and bank cards safe. This wallet is engineered to block 13.56MHz or even higher RFID signals. This means that you can feel safe from cyber pickpocketing in your daily life.

    It's genuine leather, so not only is it a safe way to carry your important cards and cash, but it looks nice as well. The leather is soft, and the seams are well stitched. So you're not just getting a nice looking wallet, you're getting a quality wallet.

   This Amelleon wallet is a trifold, that isn't bulky. Unlike typical trifolds that fold over themselves three times, this one is bifold size, with the third fold, being inside the wallet. It's even clear on the top, so you can easily display your driver's license or ID when you get carded.

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