Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Finding Underwear for Those with Sensory Aversions

    Just a heads up, this post will contain some affiliate links for underwear. However, as with all things, I wouldn't share them with you if I didn't approve of them. ;)

Finding Underwear for Those with Sensory Aversions

    If you have a child on the spectrum or one with sensory processing disorder, you know how hard it is to find clothing that they can tolerate. For us, it's underpants and socks. He's good with most tee shirts, soccer or basketball type shorts and pants. It's the undergarments that are an issue.

    My boy needs underwear without tags and harsh seams. He also needs them with a comfy waistband. Oh and in a wicking material. Because if he sweats just the tiniest bit, he's changing his underwear. (And I don't know about you, but I don't want or need more laundry to wash.)

Those with sensory aversions tend to despise the following:

  • seams
  • tags
  • scratchy material
  • material that causes them to sweat
  • clothing that is too tight

Uwewiz Boxer Briefs

    I just got my son this three pack of boxer briefs from Uwewiz. I chose these for him because they are tagless, and are void of irritating seams. Even the waistband is seamless and made from a soft and comfortable cotton. 

    The underwear themselves are made from premium material, (90% spandex and 10% nylon) that is super silky and soft. It isn't just comfy though. It's designed to wick away moisture. In the words of my son, "It won't give me swamp butt!" This material won't pill either which is another plus when it comes to sensory needs.

     Uwewiz boxer briefs are designed to give the family jewels space. The u shaped pouch in the crotch gives men and boys more room for their "stuff," so they're more comfortable. Liam is twelve and I got him their three pack in size medium/large as they run a bit smaller, and they fit him nicely. Get some for the men and boys you love and I guarantee they'll love them too!

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