Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Block Out Noise, and Hear Your Music More Clearly

    Sometimes I just want to block my kid out. Don't judge, you know you do too. In all seriousness though, when I'm listening to music, I don't want to hear background noise from the room. I just want to hear my music more clearly. Well now I can.

Block out Noise, and Hear Your Music More Clearly

    MATEDSOUS Amazinn Ear Buds are so nice. They not only block out background noise, but they play my music clearer than other earphones. I love listening my playlists and hearing them in crystal clarity. It makes it so much more enjoyable. 

Make and Take Calls

    With these ear buds you can not only make phone calls, but you can accept them too. Liam's bestie likes to use them for making her Musical.ly videos. She can hear the tracks to lip sync, and use the mic to make her own videos too. 

Fits Any and All Devices

    No matter the device, the Amazinn ear buds will work. They fit into any standard headphone jack so you can use them with smartphones, computers, tablets, mp3 players, and more. The plug is gold plated so it's going to last a super long time and be much more sturdy than other ear bud plugs.

    The cord on these earphones is forty-seven inches long. You won't feel like you can't move around freely while wearing them, since the cord is so long. These ear buds also come with three pairs of ear phone covers so they will fit all sizes of ears.

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