Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Back to School Means Back to Gym

    Back to school means back to gym class. For tweens and teens that means locker rooms and showers. Help them keep their shower items together so they can save time.

Back to School Means Back to Gym

    The kids will be heading back to school soon. I see some of my friend's children are headed back in the next week, while in my area, kids don't go back until the end of August. Either way, that means gym class is right around the corner. For the older ones this means locker rooms and showers.

    I just discovered the handiest Cosmetics Bags from Maange, that would be perfect for keeping their gym class neccessities together. These drawstring bags are waterproof, so you won't have to worry about them getting ruined if you son or daughter has them in the shower room. It can also be washed, so you won't have to worry that it will be stinking up their lockers.

Plenty of Room

    These bags are actually designed for cosmetics, so there's plenty of room for what they need. Whether it's makeup, deodorant, hair products, feminine needs, soap, and more, they will have tons of room to carry it all. The top has a drawstring so the bag is easy to carry, and it will keep their contents from spilling out.

    The Maange bags even come with a zipper pouch that snaps securely inside the bag. There's also a PVC pouch which is perfect for cosmetic brushes, or even a toothbrush or two.

Two for One

    The Maange Cosmetic bags come with two bags. You get one pink bag, and one in blue. This is perfect if you have two kids in middle or high school. Or you can give one to your child, and keep one for yourself. After all, it's still summer, and there's plenty of time for vacation. These bags are perfect for packing your cosmetics to take on your trip!

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