Sunday, June 3, 2018

Wrist Pain? Wrap it Up!

     I'm always in pain thanks to Fibromyalgia. However, lately my wrists have been giving me a ton of problems. Seems I have tendinitis, from typing and crocheting. Yes, from crocheting. According to my doctor it comes from repetitive movements. She suggested I wrap up my wrists.

Wrist Pain? Wrap it Up!

    I've come to realize that something as simple as doing dishes can be a real chore when my tendinitis is flaring up. My doctor suggested wrist wraps to help when I'm working or crocheting. With so many on the market, I wasn't sure which to choose. I actually decided on Obliviscar's Wrist Wraps.

    These are actually geared towards those that work out or lift a lot of weight. However, they do work for tendinitis. They are stiff, so they keep my wrists supported, keeping them flaring up. By supporting your wrists, they are supporting your tendons, which in turn, keeps them from over stretching and causing pain. 

You Don't Have to Life Weights to Benefit from These Wraps

    Though I don't actually lift weights, I do a lot of other lifting in my day to day life. I wear my Obliviscar Wrist Wraps to work, crochet, push mow the lawn, carry groceries, laundry, and more. I love how these wraps don't cover most of my short forearm like many other ones do. They cover my wrists, and a strap goes over my thumb. I even wear them to bed in the event that my wrists are hurting because they keep me from bending my hands in my sleep.

If You Do Lift, Then You Definitely Want Wrist Wraps

    My sister lift weights competitively. She always wears wrist wraps. I showed her the ones I got from Obliviscar, and now she's off to order herself a pair. My sis agrees that the firmness is what a lifter wants, and says that having your wrists supported, actually helps you to be able to lift more. 

    When you order the Obliviscar Wrist Wraps, you'll get two wraps, a carrying bag, and a cooling towel. So whether you lift weights for fun, competition, or do a lot of lifting at work, these wrist wraps are for you!

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