Thursday, June 28, 2018

Stay Cool Wherever You Go

    Here comes the heat wave! At least here in NEPA. They're calling for 100° or higher. Thanks to my new little desk fan from Trustech, I will be keeping cooler.

Stay Cool Wherever You Go

    Even with the air conditioners running, I still get hot flashes. (Thanks so much Mother Nature!) So I was looking for a smaller fan. One I could use on my end table, but one that wouldn't take up a ton of room. I stumbled across the Trustech USB Desk Fan. It's perfect!

    It's small in size, but mighty in power, and really helps me through those dreaded hot flashes. Because it runs off of a USB cord, you can plug it into your computer, laptop, and more. This is super handy because that means you can use it at work. You could take it camping as well.

Sturdy Design

    The Trustech USB Desk Fan is sturdy in design. Both the frame, and the fan blades are made of lightweight metal. So you don't have to worry about it becoming dented or cracking. This fan only weighs fourteen ounces, so it's lightweight and easily goes wherever you do. 

360° Cooling

    You can position your Trustech USB Desk Fan a full 360° for optimal cooling. You can set it on any flat surface, or you can even hang it over something thanks to base. And don't worry that the metal will scratch up your surfaces. It comes with rubber covers to place on the bottom to save your table tops.

Power Saving

    The Trustech USB Desk Fan only uses five watts of power per hour. So you don't have to worry about it running up your electric bill. It also has an on and off switch so you don't have to unplug it to turn it off.

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