Friday, June 22, 2018

Relax and Feel Luxurious with Luxe

     We all need "me time." For me, it's 20 minutes or more in the tub. I either grab a book, or my phone to watch something that I WANT TO WATCH. I draw a bath, and lock myself in for peace and quiet. Now I not only relax, but I feel luxurious too. All thanks to Luxe.

Relax and Feel Luxurious with Luxe

    Guess what?? Mr. Bubble isn't just for kids! I'll admit, I've always used Mr. Bubble. From the time I was a kid, to adulthood. I use it with my kids, and myself. However, the folks at Village Company know that we all love their products. So they made some just for us! Enter their Luxe line

    Moms and dad alike can enjoy some relaxation at home, in the tub with Luxe. However, you don't need to be a parent to enjoy Luxe. Anyone can take pleasure in their amazing products! Their line of bath bombs, bubble bath, bath candies, sugar scrubs, salt soaks, and so much more. 

The Bomb!

    In my house, bath bombs are the bomb. However, I keep my Luxe ones to myself. After all, I deserve my own bath goodies! I love their Glam & Beauty bath bombs. I've used a lot of bath bombs in my time, but I have NEVER had one last so long in the tub. It took about forty five minutes for it to completely dissolve. 

    I used Sweet & Clean last night, and it turned my bath water into the most beautiful turquoise blue. I felt like I was bathing is Caribbean waters! They also have it in their Original Bubble scent. Glow gorgeous with Luxe's Glam and Beauty bath bombs. (They even have a gift set, aptly named, You're the Bomb. It comes with four gorgeous bath bombs.)

Melt Away Stress and Dry Skin!

     Luxe also makes these amazing bath candies. Meltaways are enriched with Vitamins A and C, as well as Shea and Cocoa butter, to give you an ultra moisturizing bath experience. Toss a couple into your water and relax as the butter soften and hydrate your skin. These are perfect for summer since our skin sees much more sun than any other season. 

I'll Take it on the Rocks!

    My salt soak, and a martini! ;) Luxe's On the Rocks Sea Salt Soaks are great anytime of the year but especially for summer. Mix up a martini, draw a bath, and pour in some of their salt soak. Then sit back and relax, while enjoying some time to yourself. Let your skin drink in the Jojoba and Shea Butter in the salt. 

Bubble Baths Aren't Just for Kids!

    I love a good bubble bath as much as my son. So I was stoked when I saw that Mr. Bubble had created a line of products geared towards adults. I adore their Milk & Cookies gift set. It's cookies and milk bath style! You get two cookie bath bombs, and a bottle of Splish Splash Milk Bubble Bath. 

Where to Buy

    I know you're going to love Luxe as much as we do. To get yours, click here, choose your products, and enter your zip code. The Village Company will let you know the store nearest you so that you too, can get your relaxation on!

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