Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Perfectly Portable Peepers for Dad

    Does you dad or husband love to be outdoors? If so, then I have an awesome Father's Day gift idea for him. How about a set of portable peepers? By that I mean mini binoculars.

Perfectly Portable Peepers for Dad

    I love this pair of Mini Binoculars from Obliviscar. They are compact and small so they can easily fit into a backpack, or even a pocket. They only weigh .33 pounds so they won't weigh dad down either! (That's less than a smart phone!)

Don't Let Their Size Fool You!

    Just because these Obliviscar Mini Binoculars are small, doesn't mean they aren't mighty. They have up to ten times magnification, and a twenty two mm lens. The lenses are high definition with a wide viewing field so you can see it all! 

    To focus the Obliviscar Mini Binoculars just peer through the right lens, and adjust the center focus knob. The binoculars are adjustable for different sized faces as well. 

Great for Hunting, Hiking, and More

    Is dad an avid hunter? Maybe he likes to hike. Either way, these binoculars make a perfect gift. Dad can use them to bird watch, take them fishing, and so much more. I got my hubby a pair for Father's Day to take fishing. He loves to fish in the Susquehanna River, and Bald Eagle sightings are becoming more common. They're his favorite bird, and I know he wants a closer view if he sees one flying over head.

Wonderful Gift

    The Obliviscar Mini Binoculars come with a carrying case. They also comes with a strap so dad can wear them around his neck. A cleaning cloth and dust air blower are also included so dad can keep his new mini binoculars clean. 

Tech Details

Model: 10 x 22
Viewing Range:131/1000M
Viewing Angle:7°
Prism Glass: Bak4
Focus System:Central
Close Focal:4M
Eye Distance:10mm
Exit Pupil:2.2mm

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