Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Make Dad Feel Lucky This Father's Day

    Father's day is just two Sunday's away. If your dad loves to fish and enjoy the outdoors, then we have the perfect gift to make him feel lucky this year! Check out Lucky Tackle Box.

Make Dad Feel Lucky This Father's Day

    Our entire family loves to fish, and we go at least once a week. So of course Lucky Tackle Box is a huge hit in this home. I got my husband one for Christmas, and he loved it, so I got him another one for Father's Day. These boxes are chock full of lures for bass, catfish, pan fish, and so much more.

Choose Your Plan and Choose Your Fish

    First you need to choose which box you'd like. They have the Regular Lucky Tackle Box, Lucky Tackle Box XL, and Lucky Tackle Box Tournament Series. Once you choose which kind, you will need to pick your species. Depending on the type of box you chose, they have bass, saltwater, multi-species, walleye, and fly. Next you choose your plan. You can get dad a one time gift of Lucky Tackle Box, or you can choose a subscription plan. They have three, six, and twelve month subscriptions. 

    Lucky Tackle Box ships anywhere in the US for free, and you can cancel the subscription at any time. However, once you open your first box, you won't want too. Each one is packed full of lures, that amount to much more than what you spent on the box. All of which are delivered right to your door. You can't beat that! 

My Hubby Loves It!

    I gave my husband his Lucky Tackle Box early because I can never wait to give people their gifts. He was very impressed with all of the lures inside. We actually went river fishing last night, and he couldn't wait to try them out. Sadly the river is quite high, and very muddy and riled up. So nothing was really biting. But we're headed to the lake in about a week where he will surely be nailing bass left and right.

    Our son Liam doesn't like to fish with lures, but when he saw the imitation worms, he was stoked. He chose the Zman Finesse Worms, and just slapped it on his hook like you would a real worm. That little bugger brought in a twenty-two inch catfish!!! I was next to him fishing with real worms and didn't even get one bite!

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