Friday, June 15, 2018

Keep Your Cool This Summer

    It's almost "officially" summer, but we're already experiencing the heat. (Finally!) Keep your cool this summer with Trustech.

Keep Your Cool This Summer

    I love summer, but I don't like to get too hot. It makes me cranky and a bit stabby. Which is why I love my new fan from Trustech. It's a tabletop, box style fan. While not super large in size, it's powerful! So whether you need a fan for your home, dorm room, office, or even camper, it will keep you cool without taking up too much space. 

Get Restful Sleep

    It's hard to get a good night of sleep, especially when you're too hot. Thanks to this Trustech fan, that won't be a problem. Even better yet, it's quiet. So if you don't like a lot of noise when you sleep, then this fan is for you.

    The Trustech Table Fan is perfect for sleeping because you can set a timer to run for up to twelve hours. That way you don't have to worry about getting up to shut it off, or forgetting to turn it off in the morning.

Remote Control

    Another feature I love about this fan is that it's remote control. You don't have to get up to adjust the settings. Just use the handy dandy remote that's included. You can adjust the fan speed, mode, and even change it to oscillate. There are three speeds, and three modes. Choose from Low, Medium, and High. As well as from Natural, Sleep, and Strong. There's even an  LED display on the fan, that will tell you the current temperature of the room. 

Curved Blades and Rotating Grill

    The curved blades on the Trustech Remote Table Fan cut right through the air, and blow it onto you or into your room. This unique technology makes for a more powerful, yet surprisingly quiet fan. 

    The grill on this fan rotates when you set it to oscillate. So instead of the fan itself turning, the grill does. This rotation action cools the air down more quickly, while also dispersing the air throughout your entire room. 

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