Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Critter Catching, Bait Bearing, Commorancy Carrier

    This month there was something in our Chewy.com order for Liam. We live right by a creek and on warm summer days, that's where you'll find us. Liam loves to catch minnows, crayfish, and stone catties. So he was stoked when he saw the Iris Reptile Habitat Carrier that I chose for him.

Critter Catching, Bait Bearing, Commorancy Carrier

    Mostly we catch and release the little critters that we find at the creek. However, if we're planning on going fishing in the evening, we let Liam keep them for bait. So even though the Iris Reptile Habitat Carrier is designed to take your reptilian friend wherever you go, we have found another use for it.

    This carrier is so handy and perfect for carrying bait, or even just critters for viewing. It's a nice large size, so it can accommodate quite a lot. It also has a divider, so if you have critters or bait that need to be kept separated, you can easily do just that. The lid is all in one, but it has two trap doors on top. You can get to each side through it's own door, which is super nice.

    It comes with an adjustable strap so you can comfortably carry it over your arm or shoulder. The carrier is even concave on one side, so it rests nicely against your hip. 

Bayleigh loves to help her boy catch critters

Perfect for Viewing

    If you're catching and releasing then the Iris Reptile Habitat Carrier is perfect for storing your critters temporarily. You can easily see through the durable clear plastic, and view the minnows, salamanders, and more that you may have put in there. Kids can get up close and personal to little fauna without harming them. When you're done, just open the lid, and let them free.

Bayleigh supervising the catching of creatures

Betta House

    Betta's are one of my favorite fish. As I was looking at the Iris Reptile Habitat Carrier, I was thinking it would be perfect for one or two Betta's. You can't put two together, but since this carrier can be divided, you can store two in there without the fish harming one another. Or, if you just want one, this carrier is the perfect size, with plenty of room to swim!

    So whether you use the Iris Reptile Habitat Carrier to carry your reptilian friends, as a Betta home, or to take bait to your favorite fishing hole, you're going to love it. We got ours from Chewy.com, so head on over, and get yours too!

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