Friday, June 8, 2018

Blast Off For Family Game Night

    Are you ready to blast off for family game night? If so, then we have the perfect game for you.

Blast Off for Family Game Night

    Summer and fireworks go together like winter and sledding. Goliath Games new game Pop Rocket makes the premise of fireworks safe and fun for the entire family. Grab this super fun game, gather your kids, and get ready for an evening of explosive fun!

Pop Rocket

    Pop Rocket is sure to make your kids squeal. Fill it with all of the stars, pull the fuse and wait for it to explode. (Have no fear, it's not a dangerous "explosion." When the top pops up, a shower of safe stars come out.) When it does, the stars will shoot out. The player that catches the most stars of their color, wins the game. Then just collect all the stars, refill Pop Rocket, pull the fuse, and wait for more fun!

Schools Out for Summer

    For most, school is out for summer. That means in about five seconds, you will hear, "I'm bored. There's nothing to do. Mom! He/She is touching me." Just wait for it. Or, grab some fun games from Goliath Games, and give the kids something to do. They have fun things to do for all ages. From games, and puzzles, to outdoor toys. There's something for everyone, and a great way to beat summer boredom, and spend less time on devices.


    Liam is all about slime. When he saw that Goliath Games has the Dr. Toxic Slime Lab he was stoked. In this lab kids can create slime and experiment with tension and elasticity. For those that seek sensory input, it's therapy made fun! Check it out!

You can shop all of the fun at Goliath Games.

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